Private Paradise

Private Paradise was designed for a client’s retirement from the 9-5 workday and commuter traffic to a new, scaled-back lifestyle close to nature.

The home sits at sea level is designed to take full advantage of the ocean views as well as rainwater collection. Large windows and doors open to a view of the sea and prevailing breezes. Rainwater is collected from the roof and piped into a cistern below the entire house providing a continuous supply of domestic water.  Local construction techniques are utilized in the design such as poured-in-place reinforced concrete frame and floors with masonry wall in-fill.

Just got word from the owner of "Private Paradise" that he made it through yesterday's hurricane EARL with no trouble and the house did great!! Just a little water over the front door. Glad to hear that. There was a 6 foot storm surge that reconfigured the beach. Every dock on the ocean side was destroyed or seriously damaged. The eye went over Caye Caulker, about 18 miles from his house in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Happy for you and the house. Ocean front and designed to last!

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