Founder's Village

Founder's Village is a mixed use complex master-planned for a 3.5 acre site at the edge of the Historic District. The uses are comprised of approximately 45,000 square feet of retail shops, office, and residential spaces. The building designs are based on old photos and drawings of the area’s historic structures which have been destroyed. The structures are sited around a Village Green that acts as a central focus tying the architecture together and providing an area for public enjoyment. The Village Green also features an amphitheater for seasonal concerts and an area for a farmer’s market is proposed.

‘Royal Oaks’ was painstakingly disassembled in 1960 by the previous owner who numbered all of the parts and put the entire house in storage. The plan calls for bringing the house out of storage and reassembling it to its former glory.

Historic District of Centreville, Virginia

Founder's Village 1

Architecture and design for commercial, residential, adaptive reuse, and historical spaces