Important Information


Due to differences in geography and climate throughout the United States and Canada, each state, county and municipality has its own building codes, zoning requirements, building regulations and ordinances. Modifications may need to be made to your plans in order to comply with local requirements at Purchaser’s expense. Additionally, permits and inspections may need to be obtained from local governments before and during construction.

We authorize the use of our house plans on the expressed condition that you consult with a local licensed architect or engineer prior to beginning construction and strictly comply with all local building codes, zoning requirements and other applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and requirements.

The foundation drawings included in each set of plans were originally created for a specific plot of land in a specific locale and therefore, may need to be modified for your building site. In addition to local codes and regulations, soil, climate, and potential natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) can affect the foundation design. Be sure to have your foundation plans reviewed and, if necessary, modified by a structural engineer in your area before the start of construction, even if local officials don’t require that you do so.

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser of the JHA house plan(s) and/or the Builder to see that the structure is built to meet all the codes and requirements of their specific area.


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