Please Simplify That Explanation!

November 16, 2018 | Posted by: Admin

I was recently taking some training from our website developer and we were tossing around some good blog topics for architecture. He said that he really didn't know what adaptive reuse architecture was and maybe I should explain it in simpler terms. He had read my last blog and could surmise the meaning but it wasn't 100% clear. He had a good point because it's a term not used in everyday language. 

Basically, it means taking an existing building that has been used for a particular purpose and transforming it into a new and different use. Often these buildings have not been used for a long period of time. A classic example is one of our recent adaptive reuse projects known as Building 2400; a 68,000 square foot windowless structure that was once part of the U.S. Army base at Vint Hill Farm Station in Vint Hill, Virginia. Today this massive structure has been transformed into many new and different uses including: A La Carte Catering and their Farm Station Cafe, Covenant Christian Academy, a Crossfit, The Cold War Museum, Hope Christian Fellowship Church, a Yoga Studio, and professional offices. 

Under the 'WORK' tab on this website we have a section devoted to our projects in Adaptive Reuse Architecture with a short discussion about the ways this type of architecture improves and protects the environment. 

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